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Product Guide

Technical Info & Try On Tips

Welcome to the new SS17 OSPREY LONDON sunglasses collections product guide

Technical Info -

All OSPREY LONDON sunglasses provide maximum UVA and UVB protection

UVA is known to cause Ageing

UVB is known to cause Burning 

Wearing sunglasses is good for eye health and will protect against ageing and burning.

Our lenses have excellent colour definition and clarity - they reduce sunglare for comfort whilst enhancing colours making our sunglasses very pleasant to wear.

All sunglasses are tested to European Standard BS EN ISO12312-1:2013

                   Filter Category 3 - Dark tint

                   General purpose sunglasses 

                   High sunglare protection

                   For sunny conditions 

Inside each sunglasses case there is an information card with all technical information about the sunglasses, lenses and customer services contact information.



Try On Tips -


Try a brand new shape and try something that you feel used to - it is not true that only certain sunglasses suit certain faces shapes.

Each OSPREY LONDON sunglasses design has every millimetre and angle carefully considered so that all shapes can suit almost all face shapes. It has never been easier to try a new shape.

First impressions count - each frame has been designed for a confident look, but it is true that if they make you feel great the first time you try them, you can’t go really wrong.


Choose a frame colour that you like most to compliment your hair colour, skin tone, make up or a favourite outfit or any combination thereof.


When trying on have a good look around and see how everything looks through the lenses, if you can’t quite decide between frames, buy both pairs or choose the one that you like most for lens colour.


Don’t just go for one look, try to have at least two pairs of great sunglasses that have quite different looks and enjoy! 

Reasons to spend on Sunglasses -


Don’t just stick to one look, have several pairs for several different looks - it is not true that only certain sunglasses suit certain faces shapes. See how different sunglasses change your look and you will never look back!


OSPREY LONDON lens colours have been specially selected to enhance colour definition and visual clarity whilst reducing sun glare and providing maximum UVA and UVB protection - everything will look nicer and more vibrant wearing these sunglasses and you can be assured of maximum protection against harmful UV rays.

OSPREY LONDON sunglasses frames are traditionally made by hand and use luxurious cellulose plastic and/ or hypoallergenic stainless steel * (*depending on design) - these materials are chosen for their unique characteristics of strength and robustness for longevity matched with lightweight and flexibility for superb comfort.


OSPREY LONDON Sunglasses come will a stylish case and super soft lens cloth to keep your sunglasses in perfect condition when not in use, the case has been designed to protect the sunglasses in use yet practically sized for when you are wearing your sunglasses and need to carry the case separately.  

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